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FIN7 Attempts Phishing at American Automaker’s IT Staff

The financially motivated threat actor known as FIN7 recently executed a targeted attack against a prominent U.S. car manufacturer. Their modus operandi involved employing spear-phishing emails specifically tailored for IT department employees, with the intent of...

8Base Ransomware Claims Breach on Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

A fisheries management organization on the East Coast is currently addressing a cyber incident in response to claims made by the 8Base ransomware gang regarding stolen data. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), an established organization formed by...

Cerebral Settles Suit at $7 Million in Facebook Pixel Data Leak Case

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recently reached a settlement with telehealth firm Cerebral. As part of the settlement, Cerebral has agreed to pay $7,000,000 in response to allegations of mishandling sensitive health data in the Facebook Pixel Data Leak Case....

UnitedHealth Reports that Change Healthcare Cyberattack Caused $872 Million Loss

UnitedHealth Group has disclosed that its first-quarter earnings were significantly affected by a ransomware attack that disrupted the U.S. healthcare system starting in February. The cyberattack resulted in an $872 million impact on their Q1 earnings. Despite this...

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