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Home Depot Data Breach Leaks Over 10,000 Employee Records

Home improvement retail giant Home Depot has disclosed a third-party data breach that exposed personal information of approximately 10,000 employees. Home Depot Data Breach Linked to IntelBroker Researchers at BleepingComputer first discovered a post on an underground...

Jackson County Goes into Emergency Mode After Ransomware Attack

Jackson County, Missouri, is currently facing a state of emergency following a ransomware attack that occurred on Tuesday. This cyberattack has resulted in the disruption of certain county services. The local authorities are actively working to address the situation...

10 Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against AT&T After Admitting 73 Million Customer Records Exposed in Data Breach

AT&T got Sued for Negligence After Admitting that 73 Million Customer Records Were Exposed in a data breach. No less than 10 class action lawsuits have already been filed against AT&T in the past few days since they acknowledged the data breach. The telecom...

JIT Probe Reveals 2.7M Pakistani Citizens’ Data Breached for 5 Years, NADRA Blamed for Data Leak

According to a probe by a joint investigation team, the personal records of over 2.7 million Pakistani citizens have been exposed online in massive data breaches over the past 5 years. The probe discovered that highly sensitive information belonging to citizens, such...

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