CDK Ransomware Attack Update: CDK Global Provides Update on Recovery Efforts

CDK Global, a leading provider of automotive retail software, has informed its dealer clients that systems impacted by a recent ransomware attack likely will not be fully restored before the end of the month.

Black Basta Ransomware May Have Exploited Windows Zero-Day Flaw

Analysis Suggests Black Basta Ransomware Group Used Unpatched Windows Vulnerability tracked as CVE-2024-26169 that impacts the Windows Error Reporting service.

RansomHub Ransomware Group Exploits ZeroLogon Vulnerability to Spread Malware

Security researchers have uncovered ransomware attacks conducted by the notorious RansomHub group leveraging the unpatched ZeroLogon vulnerability (CVE-2020-1472) to gain initial access to victim environments.

Qilin Ransomware Gang Behind the NHS Cyberattack Impacting Synnovis and Crippling South London Hospitals

Security experts point to Qilin ransomware as culprit behind disruption of NHS hospital services.

Seattle Public Library Ransomware Attack Paralyzes Library Operations, Services Slowly Restored

The Seattle Public Library (SPL) faced a devastating ransomware attack over the Memorial Day weekend that crippled its systems and disrupted access to critical digital services. However, in the following weeks, library officials worked tirelessly to restore functionality, with some key resources now available once more to the public.

Mustafa and Jumbo Group Hit by Ransomware Attack

Two prominent Singaporean companies – retail giant Mustafa Group and seafood restaurant chain Jumbo Group – were targeted in ransomware attacks.

Fallout from Ascension Cyberattack Continues: Disrupting Care at Hospitals 

Due to the ongoing impact of a recent ascension cyberattack, staff at Ascension hospitals are having to rely on manual workarounds.
The national health system – which operates over 140 facilities across 20 locations – detected unusual network activity on May 8th.

Lockbit Ransomware Group Claims London Drugs Ransomware Attack

London Drugs, a major Canadian pharmacy chain, recently fell victim to a Lockbit ransomware attack that stole some corporate files containing employee information.

Ascension Ransomware Attack Forces the Health Giant to Divert Ambulances and Delay Appointments

The Ascension ransomware attack targeting one of the largest private healthcare providers in the United States has caused disruptions to hospital operations and appointments for millions of patients.

Feds Issue Advisory on Black Basta Ransomware After Ascension Cyber Attack

After the Ascension Hospital Cyber Attack, a joint advisory on Friday by FBI, CISA, and HHS warned that the Black Basta ransomware group has been aggressively targeting healthcare organizations and 12 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors in the United States. 

Qilin Ransomware 2024: Unveiling the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Qilin Ransomware 2024: Unveiling the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Qilin Ransomware has gained notoriety for its sophisticated techniques and devastating impact on organizations.
In this comprehensive article, we will delve deep into Qilin Ransomware, exploring its modus operandi, victimology, malware characteristics, and countermeasures that enterprise business can use to protect their organizations.

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