This Week in Cybersecurity, 27th May to 31st May: City of Helsinki Data Breach

Written by Mitchell Langley

May 31, 2024

This Week in Cybersecurity, 27th May to 31st May: City of Helsinki Data Breach

Helsinki Data Breach, Cencora and Shell Data Breached, ShinyHunters Claim Ticketmaster Data Breach and more

Helsinki Data Breach Exposes Personal Details of Thousands Compromised

In one of Finland’s worst data breaches, an unknown hacker appeared to have compromised highly sensitive personal details of hundreds of thousands of Helsinki residents from a city network. The stolen cached data included identification numbers, home addresses, and nationality records, putting individuals at risk of identity theft. The response was criticized for not promptly addressing the prior known vulnerability exploited. Read more.

Cencora Data Breach Exposes Patient Data from 11 Pharmaceutical Companies

A February 2024 cyberattack on Cencora led to theft of personal information from systems they maintained on behalf of 11 major pharmaceutical firms. The unauthorized access to Cencora’s networks resulted in disclosure of names, addresses, medical records, and prescriptions of individuals from partner companies. Read more.

Oil Giant Shell Data Breached, Data of Thousands Leaked on BreachForums

Alleged details of Royal Dutch Shell’s potential data breach surfaced on BreachForums in May 2024, reportedly exposing customer records including names, addresses, login credentials, and loyalty point balances belonging to around 80,000 individuals across nine countries. Shell is yet to officially acknowledge or comment on the alleged cybersecurity incident involving potential compromise of customer information. Read more.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Sav-Rx Data Breach Impacts 2.8 Million Americans

An investigation by Sav-Rx, a large pharmacy benefit manager, found that third parties had gained unauthorized access to non-clinical systems as early as October 2023, exfiltrating files containing names, addresses, social security numbers, medical IDs and other personal information belonging to about 2.8 million Americans. While there is no evidence of misuse yet, affected individuals were offered credit monitoring services. Read more.

ShinyHunters Claim Ticketmaster Data Breach, Payment Data of 560 Million on Sale on Darkweb

The hacking group ShinyHunters claimed responsibility for breaching Ticketmaster systems and putting a massive database containing records of over 560 million users globally up for sale on darkweb forums. The stolen records allegedly included names, addresses, payment details, and other personal information. However, some research found inconsistencies, leading to speculation that the real goal may have been generating attention. Read more.

First American Data Breach of December 2023 Impacts 44,000 People

Major title insurer First American suffered another data breach in December 2023, just one month after settling with New York regulators over a previous 2019 vulnerability. An investigation revealed this latest incident compromised sensitive records belonging to approximately 44,000 individuals. It highlighted ongoing security issues and the need for improved defenses across the title insurance sector. Read more.

BreachForums Returns – The Controversial Dark Web Forum is Back After FBI Takedown

The controversial darkweb forum BreachForums re-emerged in May 2024 using its original domains, despite an earlier FBI takedown. It returned with unverified claims of a massive Ticketmaster database theft. However, researchers found inconsistencies suggesting the real aim was attracting past users back rather than any actual data leak. Read more.

Mustafa and Jumbo Group Hit by Ransomware Attack

Two prominent Singapore retailers, Mustafa Centre and Jumbo Group, suffered a disruptive ransomware attack in which hackers deployed malware encrypting servers and demanding cryptocurrency fordecryption. The incident significantly impacted business operations systems for processing customer orders at the stores. It remains unclear if the retailers met the ransom demand to restore systems. Read more.

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