This Week in Cybersecurity: 17th June to 21st June, AMD Data Breach

Written by Mitchell Langley

June 23, 2024

This Week in Cybersecurity: 17th June to 21st June, AMD Data Breach

Maxicare and AMD Data Breach, Cyber Attack on CDK, US Bans Kaspersky

AMD Data Breach: Intelbroker Violates AMD Again and Releases Sensitive Data 

The hacking group Intelbroker claims to have accessed extensive internal AMD resources like upcoming products, source code, employee and customer data in a major breach. As Intelbroker is known for other prolific attacks, including those against Gigabyte and Nvidia, the stolen AMD data poses risks of commercial espionage, financial ransom demands or even geopolitical goals if exposed publicly. AMD is investigating the legitimacy and scope of the breach. Read more

Data Breach at Maxicare Philippines Exposed Personal Records of Thousands of Members

Maxicare Healthcare, a major HMO in the Philippines, reported a data breach exposing personal records of around 13,000 members. The compromised information from a third-party homecare provider included names, emails, phone numbers, addresses and booking details. While no sensitive medical data was involved, the breach is concerning as it risks exposure of customers’ private information without authorization. Read more

Cyber Attack on CDK Global Impacts Thousands of US Car Dealerships

CDK Global, a leading provider of dealership management software, was hit by a significant cyber attack on June 19th that forced them to shut down critical systems used by thousands of car dealerships across the US. The outage disrupted operations like vehicle sales, repairs and inventory management, pushing many dealerships to manual methods as recovery from the unknown incident is ongoing.

Cybersecurity 101 for Enterprise Privacy and Protection

This Cybersecurity 101 blog is the ultimate guide for enterprises to protect their valuable data assets and fortify their cyber defenses. It breaks down the key pillars like authentication, authorization, monitoring and techniques like advanced backups. Learn practical tips to keep software updated, train employees, use strong unique passwords and 2FA. Also get advice on identifying phishing emails, using VPNs securely and conducting routine security audits. This is a must read to understand cybersecurity fundamentals and best practices for enterprises. Read more

US Bans Kaspersky Antivirus Software over National Security Concerns

The Biden administration has finalized a plan to ban the sale and distribution of Kaspersky antivirus software nationwide by September 2024 due to ongoing national security concerns over the company’s alleged ties to Russia. While Kaspersky denies wrongdoing, the US government cites risks of cyber espionage enabled by Kaspersky’s access to US networks and data. The impact will be significant as many organizations and individuals will need to transition away from Kaspersky protection. 

IntelBroker Claims Massive Apple Data Breach

Renowned hacker group IntelBroker claims to have breached Apple, releasing internal source code from authentication, collaboration and workflow tools. If legitimate, this could impact Apple’s security and operations by revealing vulnerabilities and compromising employee data. While Apple is yet to comment, the incident serves as a reminder for tech giants to remain vigilant against sophisticated cybercriminals constantly probing for entry points into their networks. Read more

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