This Week in Cybersecurity: 13th to 17th May, Dell Data Breached

Written by Gabby Lee

May 17, 2024

This Week in Cybersecurity: 13th to 17th May, Dell Data Breached

Dell Data Breached, Black Basta Ransomware held for Ascension Cyber Attack, Christie’s Website Breached, Rockford Public Schools Ransomware Attack, Nissan Data Breached and more. 

Dell Data Breached: 49 Million Records On Sale On Dark Web

An investigation by Dell revealed a major data breach in which a hacker compromised internal systems to steal confidential records of 49 million current and former customers worldwide. Information like names, emails, addresses, phone numbers and purchase details were accessed without authorization. The stolen database containing sensitive ID information was later publicly advertised for sale on a criminal forum. Read more

Feds Issue Advisory On Black Basta Ransomware After Ascension Cyber Attack

The FBI issued an alert warning healthcare organizations about the Black Basta ransomware used in a ransomware attack targeting Ascension. The attack disrupted medical services at the large nonprofit health system’s hospitals and facilities across the US. Victims were demanded payment to restore access to encrypted servers and systems, affecting appointment scheduling and requiring ambulance diversions. Read more

Christie’s Website Breached Just Before Mega Auction Week

Christie’s auction house suffered a data breach just before one of their most important auctions of the year. Hackers compromised customer login credentials, potentially gaining access to names, addresses, phone numbers and purchase histories of bidders hoping to acquire valuable paintings and sculptures. The timing exposed hundreds of millions of dollars in assets to fraud risks. Read more

Ascension Ransomware Attack Forces the Health Giant to Divert Ambulances and Delay Appointments

The ransomware attack on Ascension, one of the largest non-profit health systems in the US, severely disrupted medical services across multiple states. Attackers encrypted key systems, blocking access to patient records, lab results and radiology images. As a result, the health giant had to reschedule appointments and procedures for millions of patients, while diverting ambulances to other facilities. Read more

Social Media Scams: How Cybercriminals Steal Personal Information

Social media platforms provide new opportunities for scammers to steal personal data through social engineering tricks. They create fake profiles and websites to gather information from unwitting users. Malicious links and messages appear personalized but actually aim to spread malware or phish login credentials. Awareness of impersonation schemes, false competitions and other cybercriminal tactics can help social media users keep their identities secure. Read more

Rockford Public Schools Ransomware Attack Encrypted and Stole Student Data

The Rockford school district in Illinois responded to a ransomware attack that severely disrupted academic operations. With key files and systems locked by encryption, classes had to be cancelled or moved online. Stolen data also contained sensitive student information like grades, health records and test scores. Read more

Santander Data Breach Exposes Customer and Employee Details

Spanish banking giant Santander notified customers and regulatory authorities of a data security breach exposing confidential records. A third-party vendor compromise resulted in potential access to personal details of both clients and staff members in Spain, Chile, and Uruguay. Compromised information included names, national IDs, home addresses, account transactions, and payroll data, putting thousands at risk of identity theft and fraud. Read more

Nissan Data Breach Exposes Social Security Numbers of Over 53000 Employees

An investigation into a November 2023 cyberattack against Nissan traced the origin of the security incident to hijacked VPN credentials enabling unauthorized network access. While the automaker first believed only a small amount of less sensitive data was accessed, a follow-up discovery in February 2024 revealed Social Security numbers and other personal records pertaining to over 53,000 past and present staff members had been compromised. Read more

Conservative News Post Millennial Data Breach Impacts Over 26 Million Users

The politically conservative online newspaper Post Millennial notified millions of subscribers in North America and worldwide that their user account information was potentially exposed in a data security lapse. Any email addresses and usernames collected through the publication’s large social media following of over 26 million may have been at risk of exploitation for phishing attacks or other improper usage due to insufficient protections of this valuable customer information trove. Read more

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