Dell Data Breached: 49 Million Records on Sale on Dark Web

Written by Mitchell Langley

May 14, 2024

Dell Data Breached: 49 Million Records on Sale on Dark Web

Dell data breach of 2024 impacts millions of customers with data of almost 49 million put on sale on the dark web.

Dell Confirms Data Breach After Reports of Stolen Customer Information

Dell has confirmed a major data breach that has impacted around 49 million customers globally. According to reports, a threat actor had gained access to Dell customer databases and was attempting to sell the stolen information on hacking forums.

The BleepingComputer was the first to report about the data breach, stating that Dell began emailing affected customers about the incident in early May 2024. Dell also acknowledged the breach and notified law enforcement agencies.

According to Dell’s statements, a portal containing customer information related to purchases was compromised. The stolen data included customer names, physical addresses, and details about purchased Dell hardware like service tags and warranty information. 

Dell Data Breached: 49 Million Records on Sale on Dark Web

Data of 49 Million for Sale on Hacking Forums

As per the report of the Daily Dark Web, the threat actor claimed to have access to data for around 49 million Dell customers from purchases made between 2017-2024. This user database was then put up for sale on a hacking forum called Breach Forums on April 28th.

While Dell did not confirm the exact number of impacted customers, the details matched those shared with customers. The actor was apparently selling the database with columns like customer names, addresses, purchase details, warranty info, organization names and more. 

Dell Data Breached: 49 Million Records on Sale on Dark Web


Risk of Targeted Attacks Remains After Dell Hacked

Dell assured that financial details like payment information or contact numbers were not part of the compromised data. However, experts warn that threat actors could potentially use the stolen information like physical addresses to launch targeted phishing or malware campaigns against affected customers.

Even physical mailings posing as packages or with infected USB drives could be employed. Customers are advised to be wary of unsolicited communications claiming to be from Dell.

The company is working with authorities and experts to contain the breach and notify customers. Ongoing investigations also aim to identify the threat actors involved in the Dell Data Breach of 2024.

Dell Takes Breach Response Measures

When the company discovered dell hack through data portal intrusion, Dell took prompt actions according to its statements.

This included containing the problem, launching investigations, hiring forensic experts and coordinating with law enforcement. Notifications were also sent out to potentially impacted customers worldwide.

Moving forward, Dell says it will continue monitoring the situation and enhancing customer data protections.

Those affected are suggested to follow the company’s advice and watch out for any suspicious activities related to the stolen information. With details of nearly 50 million customers involved, the may 2024 Dell Data Breach stands as a big wake up call regarding cybersecurity in the corporate world.

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