FMU Suffers Widespread Cyberattack by INC Ransomware

Written by Gabby Lee

April 4, 2024

FMU Suffers Widespread Cyberattack by INC Ransomware

Florida Memorial University (FMU) has reportedly experienced a cybersecurity breach by the INC Ransom group. The exact details of the compromised data are unclear, and the university has not yet released an official statement regarding the incident.

INC Ransom Leaks Data from FMU Cyberattack

INC Ransom has uploaded a “proof pack” on their website. This pack includes scans of passports, Social Security numbers, and contractual documents, which are purportedly sourced from FMU’s databases.

INC Ransom, which has gained attention as an emerging threat since mid-2023, has developed a reputation for targeting various sectors, including IT, healthcare, education, and government.

The group is known for its encryption and data theft techniques, but what sets them apart is their distinct approach to extortion. They often threaten victim organizations by exposing alleged unethical practices.

It is worth highlighting that Florida Memorial University (FMU) houses a dedicated academic center that focuses on cybersecurity. The university offers a range of courses and even has a Bachelor of Science program in cybersecurity, catering to individuals aspiring to enter the field.

Florida Memorial University (FMU) has received recognition as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense from the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA).

This designation is awarded to institutions that demonstrate a strong commitment to developing cybersecurity professionals who can contribute to enhancing the security of critical infrastructure in the country.

INC Ransom, the ransomware group responsible for the breach, has carried out multiple attacks primarily targeting organizations in the United States, with some incidents also occurring in the United Kingdom and other countries.

In contrast to certain ransomware operators, INC Ransom chooses to publicly leak stolen data if their demands are not met. This approach not only puts the victims’ reputation at risk but also compromises their operational security.

While Florida Memorial University (FMU) has not officially confirmed the occurrence of the cyberattack, experts are advising students and staff to take proactive steps to protect their personal information and accounts.

This includes updating passwords, closely monitoring account activities for any suspicious transactions, and remaining vigilant against phishing attempts that may impersonate FMU or related entities.

Additionally, in light of the potential exposure of Social Security numbers, individuals are encouraged to regularly monitor their credit reports and consider implementing fraud alerts or credit freezes for added security.

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