First American Financial Hacked: Takes IT Systems Offline to Contain the Breach

Written by Mitchell Langley

December 22, 2023

First American Financial Hacked: Takes IT Systems Offline to Contain the Breach

First American Financial Corporation, the second-largest and one of the very first American title insurance companies in the US, has taken certain systems offline today following a cybersecurity incident.

The company has acknowledged that its official website is currently offline. However, First American Financial is actively working to restore normal business and informing of the attack through a statement published on a dedicated website. Unfortunately, operations as quickly as possible.

First American Financial Hack – Details

The first American ransomware attack exposed vulnerabilities in their proprietary EaglePro application, compromising the personal and financial data of individuals. The First American Financial Hack allowed unauthorized access to documents not only from the individuals involved in the transaction but also from unrelated parties.

At present, a spokesperson from First American Title is unavailable for comment regarding the recent incident. The company’s immediate focus is on addressing the impact of the first American insurance hack and restoring normal operations.

Fidelity Title Cyber Attack – Title Insurance Providers Under Crosshairs

Fidelity Title Cyber Attack

It is worth noting that Fidelity National Financial, another American title insurance provider, also disclosed a cybersecurity incident recently. The industry as a whole is facing challenges, with both First American Financial and Fidelity National Financial working to mitigate the impact of these attacks.

Fidelity National Financial reported that its network was affected, resulting in varying levels of disruption to their business operations. While specific details were not provided, they stated that the incident was contained on November 26 and they are currently working on restoring normal operations.

In a previous filing, Fidelity National Financial revealed that the attackers were able to acquire certain credentials after gaining access to some of their systems.

Although the company has not officially attributed the attack, the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware gang claimed responsibility for the breach on November 22.

The First American hack and the fidelity title cyber attack are just a few examples of the ongoing battle between ransomware actors and defenders.

The overall situation highlights the ongoing cybersecurity challenges faced by the title insurance industry, with both First American Financial and Fidelity National Financial working diligently to address the impact of these attacks and protect their businesses and customers.

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