Verizon Data Breach Compromises Data of 63,000 Employees, Insider Leaks Data

Written by Mitchell Langley

February 9, 2024

Verizon Data Breach Compromises Data of 63,000 Employees, Insider Leaks Data

Verizon Communications, a prominent telecommunications and mass media company in the United States, has recently disclosed an insider data breach that has affected nearly half of its workforce. The Verizon Data Breach has resulted in the exposure of sensitive employee data.

Verizon Employee Data Exposed

According to a Verizon insider data breach notification submitted to the Office of information.

Verizon serves a vast customer base of over 150 million subscribers across the country, offering cable TV, telecommunications, and internet services. With a workforce of over 117,000 employees, the company generates substantial annual revenue of $136.8 billion as of 2022.

How the Verizon Data Breach Impacts Customer Information

The Maine Attorney General, an unauthorized Verizon employee accessed a file containing sensitive employee information on September 21, 2023. Verizon is taking the necessary steps to address the breach and safeguard the affected employees’ information.  

However, this incident does not appear to impact customer information.

Verizon has expressed its commitment to enhancing internal security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The company is actively working on strengthening its defenses and protecting sensitive information.

Currently, there are no indications of malicious exploitation or evidence suggesting widespread leakage of the compromised data. Verizon is closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary precautions to ensure the security and privacy of its employees’ information.

“At this time, we have no evidence that this information has been misused or shared outside of Verizon as a result of this issue,”

“We are working to ensure our technical controls are enhanced to help prevent this type of situation from reoccurring and are notifying applicable regulators about the matter.”

Verizon data breach notification.
Verizon Data Breach Compromises Data of 63,000 Employees, Insider Leaks Data

Verizon has taken steps to protect the affected individuals. Notices sent to impacted employees include instructions on how to enroll in a two-year identity theft protection and credit monitoring service. This measure aims to provide added security and peace of mind to those whose information may have been exposed.

In a statement to BleepingComputer, Verizon said,

“Verizon recently discovered that an employee inappropriately handled a file containing certain personal information about some Verizon employees.

At this point, we have no reason to believe the information was improperly used or that it was shared outside of Verizon.

We are notifying the affected employees and applicable regulators about the matter. Our internal review of this matter continues.

We have not referred this incident to law enforcement. There is no indication of malicious intent nor do we believe the information was shared externally.”

Rich Young, Verizon spokesman

Verizon has had a relatively calm period regarding cybersecurity incidents in the past few years.

The firm’s last major incident was announced in October 2022, when hackers attempted to perform SIM swaps to hijack customer accounts.

Although Verizon says it blocked the activity and reversed unauthorized changes, sensitive customer information such as partial credit card data, names, telephone numbers, billing addresses, and other service-related info was exposed.

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