Major Data Breach at Angel One Impacts Over 8 Million Users

Written by Mitchell Langley

July 10, 2024

Major Data Breach at Angel One Impacts Over 8 Million Users

What Happened in The Angel One Data Breach?

Angel One, one of the largest retail broking firms in India, confirmed that it has been a victim of a massive data breach which has impacted over 8 million of its users. In a statement, the company acknowledged that an unauthorized person gained access to some of their internal systems which enabled the download of documents containing personal information of their customers.

Scope of Data Leaked

The leaked data contained sensitive personal details of over 8 million Angel One users such as name, email ID, date of birth, PAN details, and address. Though the financial transactions details or passwords were not compromised, the breach has serious privacy implications given the nature and volume of data accessed.

How Did It Happen?

As per preliminary investigations, the breach occurred due to an insider threat where an employee’s credentials were misused to gain unauthorized access to the systems. The access allowed downloading several documents containing customers’ information illegally over a period of time. However, it is still not clear how long the access remained active and the total number of documents accessed.

The breach came to light when some leaked data samples were posted on the dark web for sale by unknown parties. angel one then initiated a thorough investigation with the help of external cybersecurity experts to examine the source and scope of the breach. It is believed that the breach may have started as early as February 2022 but was detected only in early July 2022 raising serious questions about their security practices and lack of timely detection.

Response and Action Taken

In its statement, angel one assured its customers that the illegally accessed files did not contain financial details or passwords. They also claimed to have immediately secured the compromised systems and hired specialist firms to strengthen security measures.

All impacted users are being notified through email about the incident. The company also asserted that it has reported the matter to relevant authorities like CERT-In and law enforcement agencies for further investigation.

Regulatory and Legal Implications

This major #angelonedatabreach involving sensitive personal financial information of millions raises serious data security compliance issues for the company. Under Indian regulatory rules, brokers are responsible for protecting customer data and any breach needs to be reported within stipulated timelines.

Experts believe angel one may face regulatory penalties and lawsuits from affected users for lax security and delayed disclosure. Meanwhile, cyber security researchers have flagged that the leaked data samples are still being sold illicitly putting user privacy at high risk.

Concerns Over Rise of Cyber Threats

Security analysts warn that the lucrative trove of personal user data aggregated by financial companies make them an attractive target for cybercriminals. While no system is completely hack-proof, they criticize that angel one seems to have failed in implementing adequate preventive safeguards.

This incident reinforces the need for Indian brokers and financial institutions to urgently beef up defenses amid growing sophistication of cyber attacks. For customers, it serves as a reminder to remain vigilant against any potential misuse of their personal details online.

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