Connexin Data Breach Lawsuit Reaches $4 Million Settlement

Written by Mitchell Langley

May 2, 2024

Connexin Data Breach Lawsuit Reaches $4 Million Settlement

The proposed class action lawsuit settlement has been reached in the Connexin Data Breach that compromised the personal information of potentially thousands of individuals. 

What Happened in the Connexin Data Breach?

On August 26th, 2022, Connexin software, Inc. d/b/a Office Practicum (“Connexin”) discovered that an unauthorized third party had gained access to files stored on one of their servers.  

The Connexin data breach exposed the personal information of patients from pediatric practices, employees, and other individuals affiliated with Connexin.

Impacted data included names, social security numbers, medical records, human resources information, and other sensitive personal details.

Lawsuit Filed Over Insufficient Data Security

In response to the Connexin Data Breach, a class action lawsuit was brought against the company alleging their data security practices were negligent and violated privacy laws.

The plaintiffs argued Connexin software failed to properly safeguard individuals’ private information. Connexin disputed these claims but ultimately agreed to a settlement to resolve the litigation.

$4 Million Settlement Establishes Relief Fund

As part of the Connexin settlement, the company will pay $4 million to create a relief fund. This fund will provide several options to help people impacted by the data breach.

It will cover 3 years of identity theft protection through Experian as well as $1 million in insurance.

Alternatively, individuals may submit claims for up to $7,500 in unreimbursed expenses resulting from the breach. Any remaining funds will be distributed proportionally to all class members.

Improved Security Commitments Over 4 Years

In addition to financial remedies, Connexin software has agreed to strengthen their security practices over the next 4 years as part of the settlement.

This includes implementing new access controls, encryption protocols, audit procedures, and staff training.

The goal is to better safeguard private data entrusted to their care and prevent future cyber incidents.

How to Claim Settlement Benefits in Connexin Data Security Incident?

Impacted individuals must submit the Connexin claim form by July 25th, 2024 to receive settlement payments or identity monitoring coverage.

This also means forfeiting the right to pursue additional legal action against Connexin or certain other parties named in the agreement.

Alternatively, one may opt-out of the class to preserve their ability to sue individually. Objections to the settlement’s terms must also be filed by June 25th, 2024.

The court will hold a final approval hearing on July 24th to rule on the settlement. Only if granted final approval by the judge will settlement benefits commence.

This comprehensive resolution aims to offer recourse for the Connexin Data Breach while driving security enhancements to help prevent similar incidents down the road.

Impacted individuals are encouraged to learn more details and file claims by visiting the official settlement website.

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