8Base Ransomware Claims Breach on Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Written by Gabby Lee

April 18, 2024

8Base Ransomware Claims Breach on Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

A fisheries management organization on the East Coast is currently addressing a cyber incident in response to claims made by the 8Base ransomware gang regarding stolen data.

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), an established organization formed by Congress and composed of officials from Atlantic coast states, has reported that its email system is currently unavailable.

As a temporary solution, the organization has set up an alternative email address and provided a contact phone number for communication purposes.

According to Tina Berger, the Director of Communications for ASMFC, the organization is presently addressing a cyber incident that has impacted their systems.

However, she did not provide additional details regarding whether it specifically involves a ransomware attack.

8Base Ransomware Claims the Cyber Incident

On Monday, the 8Base ransomware gang included ASMFC on their leak site, demanding an undisclosed ransom within four days.

The group alleges to have obtained various sensitive information, including invoices, personal data, contracts, and other related documents.

The ASMFC plays a crucial role in coordinating the conservation and management of nearshore fish species, as well as spearheading habitat conservation and law enforcement endeavors.

Their website serves as a valuable resource, housing a wealth of fisheries management data and an extensive archive of documents pertaining to their initiatives.

It is worth noting that a comparable U.S. government commission, responsible for managing lake and river systems along the U.S.-Canada border, experienced a ransomware attack by a different criminal group back in September.

The 8Base ransomware gang, although relatively new, intensified their operations during the summer of 2023.

Researchers discovered that despite their new appearance, the group’s agility and effectiveness suggest that they are not a fresh organization, but rather an established and mature entity.

The investigation revealed strong connections between 8Base and RansomHouse, a platform utilized by cybercriminals to sell stolen data and carry out extortion schemes. Additionally, similarities were identified between 8Base and the Phobos ransomware.

 “Given the nature of the beast that is 8Base, we can only speculate at this time that they are using several different types of ransomware – either as earlier variants or as part of their normal operating procedures,”

 “What we do know is that this group is highly active and targets smaller businesses. Whether 8Base is an offshoot of Phobos or RansomHouse remains to be seen.”

The researchers said in a statement

8Base Ransomware Gang: The Most Active Ransomware Group Targeting Agriculture

Previously, the 8Base ransomware gang was involved in targeting a Canadian agency responsible for managing dental benefit plans for disabled individuals in Alberta.

In a recent report that focused on ransomware attacks within the agriculture industry, 8Base was identified as one of the most active groups targeting this sector.

Their prevalence in targeting the agriculture industry highlights their significant impact and activity in this particular domain.

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