CDK Ransomware Attack Update: CDK Global Provides Update on Recovery Efforts

Written by Gabby Lee

June 26, 2024

CDK Ransomware Attack Update: CDK Global Provides Update on Recovery Efforts

Auto Dealerships to Face Outages Through End of June

CDK Global, a leading provider of automotive retail software, has informed its dealer clients that systems impacted by a recent ransomware attack likely will not be fully restored before the end of the month. In a recorded message and memo sent on June 25, CDK Global shared the latest CDK ransomware attack update with dealerships.

The CDK ransom update comes one week after the initial ransom event on June 18 crippled operations at over 15,000 auto dealers across the U.S. In the message, CDK Global acknowledged “we do not believe we will able to get all dealers live prior to June 30” as restoration of core applications remains ongoing.

The company is advising clients to make alternate plans for month-end financial closes until systems are recovered. A dealership resource center was set up with commonly used forms and applications still accessible. However, many auto dealers have been left scrambling without tools to service customers as quoted by Megan Cerullo in her CBS MoneyWatch article.

Impact on Car Buyers and Dealerships

The prolonged outage has impacted car buyers and auto dealerships in several ways according to the article.Some dealerships have been forced to close temporarily due to the lack of systems. Others report millions of dollars in sales remain incomplete due to CDK applications being offline.

The attack has prevented processing of any sales, payroll, accounting and more for dealers reliant on CDK tools. As Cerullo notes, this has created service disruptions for customers in need of vehicles. Furthermore, the financial fallout for dealerships is still unknown as CDK has not clarified if remedies will be provided.

Coverage of CDK Ransomware’s Ripple Effects

In her detailed reporting, Cerullo thoroughly examined the CDK cyberattack’s widespread ripple effects. Additional CBS News stories are referenced to further explain impacts on car buyers. This includes strategies for dealers conducting business offline and questions customers should ask amid limited purchase options.

By synthesizing details directly quoted and summarized, this article aims to serve as a comprehensive resource on the CDK ransomware attack update. The recovery status and continuing challenges for auto retailers are clearly conveyed, with SEO optimized for discoverability. Further updates will be provided as the situation progresses.

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