Jollibee Data Breach Affects 32 Million Customers

Written by Gabby Lee

June 25, 2024

Jollibee Data Breach Affects 32 Million Customers

Fast food giant Jollibee investigates cybersecurity incident reported to involve customer data

Jollibee Foods Corporation, one of the largest fast food companies in the country, is investigating reports of a data breach involving its delivery service systems.

In a statement provided to the Philippine Daily Inquirer on June 22, 2024, Jollibee acknowledged addressing “a cybersecurity incident” in addition to other affected companies.

The Jollibee data breach was brought to light by cybersecurity advocacy group Deep Web Konek on social media. They cited a post from an online user known as “Sp1d3r”, who claimed to possess the personal data of 32 million Jollibee customers. The data was allegedly being offered for sale on an underground forum.


What Kinds of Customer Data Were Reportedly Exposed in the Jollibee Data Breach?

Deep Web Konek stated that the compromised data included sensitive customer information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. In addition, extensive records of food delivery orders, sales transactions, and other service details were also purportedly exposed.

The group also claimed that data from Jollibee’s other brands such as Chowking and Mang Inasal may have been impacted.

Jollibee did not confirm the specific claims made by Deep Web Konek regarding the scope of the incident. However, the company acknowledged taking the matter seriously and launching an investigation to better understand the full scope and impact.

Response protocols have been implemented along with enhanced security measures to protect customer data going forward.

Jollibee Says E-Commerce Systems Unaffected

In its statement, Jollibee emphasized that its various e-commerce platforms were unaffected and remain fully operational. They are working closely with relevant authorities and cybersecurity experts to address the situation. Ensuring customer data protection continues to be one of Jollibee’s top priorities.

The reported breach is notable as it would be one of the largest data leaks involving a Philippine company to date, if confirmed. Jollibee joins a growing list of organizations around the world experiencing cyberattacks and data compromise. As digital services become more integral to businesses, cybersecurity should remain a constant focus.

Is This Part of a Larger Rise in Cyberattacks Targeting Companies?

The fast food giant is just the most recent in a string of Philippine firms to face hacking attempts. Other incidents include data breaches at insurance provider Maxicare Healthcare and real estate developer Robinson Land in July 2024.

With more sensitive customer information stored and transmitted online every day, cybercriminals have ample opportunities to target vulnerable systems and steal valuable data.

Recognizing this evolving threat landscape, Jollibee says it will continue strengthening defenses and protecting customer interests.

Only a full investigation will reveal the true details of this alleged breach involving one of the Philippines’ top brands. But the case highlights the need for businesses globally to bolster cybersecurity measures and vigilance. Customers also deserve transparent communication regarding any compromise of their private information.

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