Apple Data Breach Claimed by IntelBroker: Source Code Allegedly Exposed

Written by Gabby Lee

June 24, 2024

IntelBroker Claims Massive Apple Data Breach

IntelBroker Claims to Have Gained Access to Internal Source Code

Renowned threat actor IntelBroker has claimed responsibility for the Apple data breach targeting one of the biggest American technology company. The threat actor posted details of the alleged incident on the dark web forums BreachForums.

IntelBroker stated:

“I’m releasing the internal source code to three of Apple’s commonly used tools for their internal site, thanks for reading and enjoy!”

IntelBroker then proceeded to release sample source code from AppleConnect-SSO, Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced and AppleMacroPlugin.


AppleConnect-SSO is Apple’s proprietary single sign-on authentication system that allows employees to access internal applications. Accessing the source code could expose vulnerabilities in Apple’s authentication mechanisms.


Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced is presumed to be used for team collaboration and information sharing internally. Accessing its source code may compromise sensitive employee or organization data.


AppleMacroPlugin likely facilitates certain processes within Apple’s workflows. Its leaked source code could provide a blueprint for sabotaging operations.

Previous Breaches Attributed to IntelBroker

IntelBroker is a sophisticated threat actor believed to have orchestrated other significant data breaches in the past. Most recently in June 2024, the actor claimed to be selling stolen data from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) after compromising their systems. 

Last month, IntelBroker allegedly breached European law enforcement agency Europol’s internal systems. The actor has also infiltrated Home Depot, General Electric and US Citizenship and Immigration Services networks in the past according to dark web intelligence sources.

Apple Yet to Confirm Breach

Apple is yet to officially acknowledge or respond to IntelBroker’s claims. The technology giant maintains strong security practices and privacy protections for its users. However, no systems are completely impenetrable against determined hackers like IntelBroker.

The leaked source code, if legitimate, could undermine important aspects of Apple’s operations. Keeping internal developer tools and authentication mechanisms secure is paramount for tech companies in the current threat landscape.

What Users Can Do?

While the full scale of the breach remains unclear, Apple users are advised to practice diligent online safety habits. Maintaining updated operating systems and applications can help patch potential vulnerabilities exploited during the breach. Users should also be cautious of suspicious emails or texts that may aim to phish personal data in light of this incident.

As more details emerge, Apple’s response will likely involve investigating the claims, mitigation actions, and further hardening their internal security posture against sophisticated cybercriminals like IntelBroker. With Apple holding troves of sensitive user information, protecting their systems and data continues to be pivotal.

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